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Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York © 2015 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./ Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York
© 2015 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./ Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Put your sorrow into words.  The grief you keep inside you will whisper in your heart until it breaks.
—Shakespeare, Macbeth

We invite you to step into the Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum. . .

The Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum is an on-line center where one can ‘virtually’ stroll through its halls and view exhibits where artists and analysts unite psychoanalysis with poetry, jazz, classical music and photography.  It houses an original, edgy and innovative take on psychoanalysis.  

Enter here: The Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum


We are pleased to announce the launch of the SPRING Project!

The SPRING Project is a new outreach initiative sponsored by the Contemporary Freudian Society.  The Project helps expectant and postpartum mothers and their families who are experiencing mood-related problems during pregnancy and after having a baby.  

  • Psychotherapy options for mothers and their families include individual, couples and parent-infant therapy.
  • Reduced fee psychotherapy is available to ensure access to mental health care for mothers and their families at this critical time.

The SPRING Project – support for pregnancy, raising infants, navigating growth – is operating in the New York, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas.  Learn more about the Project at!


The Psychoanalytic Training Institute of the CFS has its own website

Our Training Institute has its own dedicated website.  Training is offered in both NYC and in DC. Our trainees come from locations across the East Coast, including Baltimore, Miami, Connecticut, Norfolk and Charlottesville.  Training provides in-depth instruction in multiple theoretical perspectives, including Contemporary Freudian, Contemporary Kleinian, Bionian, Winnicottian and Kohutian.   For more information about training to become a psychoanalyst and other training opportunities, and to learn more about our current candidates and faculty, please visit

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Upcoming Events

DC Programs

“Discovering Conceptual Bridges between Psychoanalysis/Psychodynamic Therapies and the Black Liberation Movement”
Drs. Anton Hart and Alan Nathan
November 17-18, 2017

NY Programs

NY Scientific Program
“Stalker, Hacker, Voyeur, Spy”
Peter Dunn, Elizabeth Fritsch, and Helen Gediman
October 27, 2017

Thinking Developmentally:
A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspective

Panelists: Ken Barish, PhD, Sally Bloom-Feshbach, PhD, Ken Corbett, PhD, Kay Long, PhD, Norka Malberg, PsyD, and Kate Oram, PhD
November 19, 2017

Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Body Pain and Trauma
Presenters: Paula Ellman, Carolyn Ellman, Nancy Goodman, Janice Lieberman, Batya Monder and Arlene Kramer Richards
December 3, 2017

Training at our Institute

Learn more about the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of the CFS:

  • Advance your professional expertise.
  • Study with a renowned faculty.
  • Prepare for an exceptional practice.

For catalog with course listings and other information in each of our locations, click Washington DC or New York.

Member News

New releases from CFS members:

Who’s Behind the Couch: The Heart and Mind of the Psychoanalyst

co-edited by Kerry Malawista (with Robert Winer)

who's behind the couch book cover

The Courage to Fight Violence Against Woment: Psychoanalytic and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

co-edited by Drs. Paula Ellman and Nancy Goodman

courage fight violence against women - book cover

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