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Institute of CFS

Trauma, Unconscious Phantasy and Reparation: A Clinical Reflection from Freud to Klein – SATURDAY ONLY

One Session Program (5 Contact Hours)

Presenters: Donna Bassin, Ani Buk, Franco De Masi, Carolyn Ellman, Paula Ellman, Judith Felton, Susan Finkelstein, Nancy Goodman, Richard Gartner, Eva Kantor, Richard Lasky, Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Marion Oliner, Vivian Pender, Kirkland Vaughans, and Heinz Weiss
Date: Saturday, February 3, 2018
Location: New York Psychoanalytic Institute, 247 East 82nd Street, NYC
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

The complex interplay, both intrapsychic and interpersonal between Trauma, Unconscious Phantasy, and Manic Repair vs Reparation have been considered since 1895 by Sigmund Freud and further advanced by Melanie Klein’s theory of the Depressive Position. Contemporary Freudian and Kleinian psychoanalysts have studied and exchanged with this focus in ongoing discussions. Both enduring and renewed interest in times when traumatic life events persist, this focus warrants continued study and exchange.

With trauma, the psychic space is foreclosed. Often, the depth of mind is inaccessible as unsymbolized affects make for concreteness. The body becomes the vehicle for expression. Repetitions of trauma and the presence of psychosomatics provide openings for the unveiling of unconscious phantasy, allowing for a process of symbolization and reparation.

This conference brings together psychoanalysts from Germany, Italy and USA to consider the historical evolution from 1895 to 2018 of the understanding of and working with trauma, embodiment and unconscious fantasy.

Sponsored by The Contemporary Freudian Society, Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research and Sigmund Freud Institute, Stuttgart, Germany

Donna Bassin, MPS, PhD, is an art therapist, clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, filmmaker and exhibiting fine-art photographer. She is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and Faculty at The Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies in New York. She has a private psychoanalytic practice in New York City. She has published books, book reviews, and journal articles in the areas of gender, motherhood, community activism, traumatic loss, mourning and memorials, exhibited her fine art photography in museums and galleries, and screened her award-winning full-length documentary, Leave No Soldier, at many professional conferences and international film festivals. She was a consultant for the New York City’s Department of Mental Health following September 11th.

Ani Buk, MFA, MA, LP, LCAT, is a Training and Supervising Analyst and Permanent Faculty Member of the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of the Contemporary Freudian Society. She is also a Faculty Member of the Graduate Art Therapy Program of New York University, as well as the Kint Institute, a post-graduate program focused on the use of the creative arts therapies to treat traumatized populations.

Franco De Masi is a Training Analyst of the Italian Psychoanalytical Society and former President of the Centro Milanese di Psicoanalisi and Secretary of the Training Institute of Milan. He is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist who has worked for many years in psychiatric hospitals. In the last 35 years he has been working as a full time psychoanalyst in Milan. He has published several papers in The International Journal of Psychoanalysis and in the Rivista Italiana di Psicoanalisi and other international Journal. His main interests have been focused on the theoretical and technical psychoanalytical issues related to severely ill or psychotic patients. In the past years he has published books, that have been translated into English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish.

Carolyn Ellman, PhD, Adjunct Clinical Professor and Supervisor NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis; Fellow (Training and Supervising Analyst) and Faculty, Institute of Psychoanalytic Training and Research; Training and Supervising Analyst Contemporary Freudian Society; Member of IPA and CIPS; Senior Editor of The Modern Freudians: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Technique by Jason Aronson 2000 and Omnipotent Fantasies and the Vulnerable Self Jason Aronson l997; Co-Editor A New Freudian Synthesis: Clinical Process in a new generation Karnac Books 2011 (with Andrew Druck, Bert Freedman and Aaron Thaler). Written several articles on Envy including (2000) The Empty Mother: Women’s Fear of Their Destructive Envy. Psychoanalytic Quarterly. Private Practice in New York.

Paula L. Ellman, PhD, ABPP, is a training and supervising analyst in the Contemporary Freudian Society, Washington DC (CFS) and the IPA, is Vice President of the CFS Board, a Member of the Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis of the IPA (COWAP) and a Board Member of the North America Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC) representing CFS. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the George Washington University School of P-0rofessional Psychology and a Visiting Professor at the Sino-American Continuing Training Project for Wuhan Hospital for Psychotherapy, Wuhan China. Recent publications include: Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma, and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide (with N. Goodman, Routledge, 2017) and The Courage to Fight Violence against Women (with N. Goodman, Karnac, 2017). Other recent work includes: Battling the Life and Death Forces of Sadomasochism (with Basseches & Goodman, Karnac, 2013). She has a private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in North Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Judith Felton, LCSW, is a training and supervising analyst at the Contemporary Freudian Society and currently serves as its president. Her involvement at CFS has been primarily focused on psychoanalytic education. She is in private practice in New York City.

Susan Finkelstein, LCSW, is a member of the faculty of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research and the Contemporary Freudian Society where she is also a Training and Supervising Analyst. She is in private practice in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and couple therapy in New York City where she also directs a study group of 8 years, ‘Understanding Primitive Mental States’ dedicated to teaching Freud, Klein, and Bionian technique and is clinical application. Areas of specialty include ongoing seminars in “The Internal World and Its Objects’ ‘Schizoid Phenomena, Borderline and Narcissistic Pathology” and The Claustro-Agoraphobic Dilemma and Psychic Spaces.

Nancy R. Goodman, PhD, is a training and supervising analyst with the Contemporary Freudian Society, Washington DC, and the IPA. Recent publications extend her work in unconscious fantasy and trauma and violence in the mind: Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma, and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide (with Ellman, Routledge, 2017) and The Courage to Fight Violence against Women (with Ellman, Karnac, 2017). Other recent work includes: The Power of Witnessing: Reflections, Reverberations, and Traces of the Holocaust (with Meyers, Routledge, 2012), Battling the Life and Death Forces of Sadomasochism (with Basseches & Ellman, Karnac, 2013). She is Director of the online Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum, (IPBooks) and maintains a psychoanalytic practice in Bethesda, Maryland.

Richard B. Gartner, PhD, is Training and Supervising Analyst, Faculty, and Founding Director of the Sexual Abuse Service at the William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Institute. He is the author of Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men (1999, 2001) and Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse (2005), and edited Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience: Insights from Psychoanalysts and Trauma Experts (2017) and Memories of Sexual Betrayal: Truth, Fantasy, Repression, and Dissociation (1997), as well as the forthcoming volumes Boys and Men Betrayed: Understanding the Trauma of Sexual Abuse and Healing Sexually Betrayed Men and Boys:Treatment for Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Trauma. A pioneer in treating sexually abused men, he is quoted widely in the media on the subject.

Eva Kantor, PhD, is a psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City for 40 years. She is also a Training and Supervising analyst at the NYU Postdoctoral Program, the Contemporary Freudian Society and the IPA. Additionally she is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Dr. Kantor has served on a panel for “Unzere Kinder” at The Center for Jewish History which dealt with survivor children after the war in Poland. She has also written a short memoir on “Growing Up as a Child of Holocaust Survivors.

Richard Lasky, PhD, ABPP, is a psychologist and psychoanalyst, in private practice in New York City for 45 years. He is also Clinical Professor of Psychology and Training and Supervising Analyst at the New York University Postdoctoral Program, as well as at IPTAR and the IPA. He is the author of “Dynamics of Development and the Therapeutic Process”, “Criminal Evaluation and Multiple Personality: a Psychoanalytic Perspective”, the editor of “Symbolization and De-Symbolization: Essays in Honor of Norbert Freedman”, and has authored numerous journal articles. He is a clinical consultant for the Human Rights Clinic of HealhRight International (formerly known as Doctors of the World).

Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Prof. Dr. phil, Director in charge of the Sigmund-Freud-Institut in Frankfurt a.M., Germany (2001-2016), professor em. for psychoanalysis at the University of Kassel. She is training and supervising analyst of the German Psychoanalytical Association and former member of the Swiss Psychoanalytical Society and the IPA. She received the Mary Sigourney Award, 2016. 2001-2009: Chair of the Research Subcommittees for Conceptual Research of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) , since 2009 :Vice Chair for Europe of the Research Board IPA. Sie ist in the editorial board of several journals. She Integrates clinical and extraclinical research in psychoanalysis. She has published numerous articles and authored or edited 50 books. Currently she is responsible for several large research projects e.g. the LAC Depression study, the EVA Study (evaluation of psychoanalytic prevention projects for „children- at-risk“; FIRST STEPS- a prevention project for migrant families and STEP-BY-STEP, a pilot project for supporting refugees in a first arrival institution.

Vivian B. Pender, MD, is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Weill Cornell Medical College and a Training Psychoanalyst at Columbia University. At the UN she represents the International Psychoanalytical Association and the American Psychiatric Association. Until 2011, she chaired the NGO Committee on the Status of Women and now chairs the NGO Committee on Mental Health. She is a volunteer Asylum Evaluator for Physicians for Human Rights. She produced four documentaries of conferences at the United Nations on mental health, human rights, human trafficking and violence. In 2016 her edited book The Status of Women: Violence, Identity and Activism was published.

Kirkland C. Vaughans, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and a psychoanalyst with a private practice in New York City. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy and co-editor of the two-volume book, The Psychology of Black Boys and Adolescents. He is a senior adjunct professor of psychology at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University and a faculty member of their Postgraduate Program in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, a clinical supervisor at the National Institute for Psychotherapies, and visiting faculty member at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR). He is also an Honorary Member of IPTAR. He is a school psychologist at Hempstead High School and the former Regional Director of the now defunct New Hope Guild Centers of Brooklyn. He has published articles on the intergenerational transmission of trauma among African Americans and presented widely on topics effecting Black male youth. He is an active member of the Research Council of the New York City Young men’s Initiative and the chairman of the Board for The Harlem Family Institute: a multicultural psychoanalytic training institute.

Prof. Heinz Weiss
is the head of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine of the Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus, Stuttgart, and one of the Directors of the Sigmund-Freud-Institute, Frankfurt, Germany. He was a visting scientist at the Adult department of the Tavistock Clinic, London, is Chair of the Education Section of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and is teaching at the University of Tübingen. In his publications and books he has dealt extensively with the concepts of contemporary Kleinian analysts, especially with pathological organizations of the personality, the concepts of time and space in borderline pathology, projective identification and countertransference and the resulting technical problems. His new book, “Trauma, Guilt and Reparation” will be released in September 2017.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of trauma-related “foreclosed psychic spaces in the mind” and psychoanalytic techniques that have been used.
  2. Explain “unsymbolized affective states of mind” and techniques for making them more accessible to interpretation.
  3. Describe the transition from psychosomatic concreteness to mindful awareness and psychic conflict.
  4. Define and differentiate between the concepts of “manic repair” and “true reparation.”


Continuing Education Contact Hours:

Social Workers: The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, Inc. (IPTAR) SW CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0226.

Licensed Psychoanalysts: The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed psychoanalysts (P-0011).

Licensed Creative Arts Therapists: The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed creative arts therapists (#CAT-0037).

CE credits will be granted to participants who have registered, have documented evidence of attendance of the entire program and have completed the on-line evaluation form. Upon completion of the evaluation form a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to all participants who comply with these requirements.

Who should attend

The instructional level for this activity is advanced. Mental Health Professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, e.g. LPs, LCATs, and pastoral counselors) and those with an interest in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic thinking and clinical applications.

CFS Members $195
Non-CFS Members $195
Candidates and Students with Valid ID $50
No Refunds
For further information regarding this course, please contact Connie Stroboulis at or 732-446-4867.
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