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Contemporary Freudian Society

Listening to Unconscious Dialogue: Creating Meaningful Contact in the Analytic Dyad

One Session Program (6.5 Contact Hours)

Presenters: Speakers: Stefano Bolognini, MD and Abbot Bronstein, PhD; Presenters: Maurice Apprey, PhD, CFS Training Analyst and Debra Zatz, MSW, CFS Member; Discussants: Daniel Ciudin, MD, CFS Member, and Shelley Rockwell, PhD, CFS Training Analyst
Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
Location: Hyatt Regency Bethesda, 1 Bethesda Metro Center, Bethesda, MD 20814
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

We are thrilled to have these two leaders in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice join us for a fascinating clinical demonstration and discussion of psychoanalysis today.

Dr. Stefano Bolognini, President of the International Psychoanalytic Association, will discuss his thoughts about Intersubjective, Interpersonal and Interpsychic Theory and Practice.  Dr. Bolognini is with the Italian Psychoanalytic Society.

Dr. Abbot Bronstein will talk about the influence of the Contemporary British Kleinians on clinical practice, looking closely at the moment to moment unfolding of the process.  Dr. Bronstein is with the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.

Both will respond to a clinical case, each from their own perspective.  There will be time throughout the day for lively discussion among all participants.

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