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Upcoming programs in New York:

These events are of interest to both the general public as well mental health professionals.

Institute of CFS

Fostering Children’s Resilience in the Face of Racial Hatred and Prejudice: A Psychoanalytic Developmental Perspective

One Session Program (2 Contact Hours)

Presenters: Marsha Levy-Warren, PhD and Discussant: Kirkland Vaughans, PhD
Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Location: Mt. Sinai’s Hatch Auditorium, Madison Ave @ 100th St, NYC
Time: 8:00-10:00pm

The topic of this presentation – the impact of growing up feeling hated – has become even more salient and painful in a political and social climate in which there are increased outlets for voices of bigotry and prejudice.  What are we to tell children who are observably “of color?”  How do we explain to them that there are people who will react to them on the basis of the most superficial of characteristics – e.g., skin tone, hair, body type or shape, manner of dress, and name.  How do we do this in a manner that is attuned to their developmental level of understanding?  How do we inculcate a sense of pride, security, and trust in children when there is so much in the world around them that conveys reasons to be frightened, wary, and self-doubting?

Dr. Levy-Warren introduces the concept of the “not REALLY me/me”, the aspects of ourselves that others might see and to which they might react but which are superficial aspects of ourselves not fundamental to who we are.    She describes how to help children identify a “not REALLY me/me” while deepening and strengthening their core sense of identity as a buffer to experiences of prejudice and hatred.

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Institute of CFS

Revisting History, Concepts, and the Clinical Situation in Classical Psychoanalysis

Eight Session Program (12 Contact Hours)

Presenter: Barbara Stimmel, PhD
Dates: 8 Tuesdays, September 5 – October 24, 2017
Location: 1185 Park Avenue, NYC
Time: 6:30-8:00pm

The curriculum of a psychoanalytic institute, any institute, must focus on multiple aspects of our very complex and challenging profession so that it is impossible to study many important contexts of psychoanalysis in-depth.  This series aims to further and deepen the study of the Freudian project.

This program of study will do three things in an interrelated way: First, we will look at Freud as a man of his time and its science, and his culture as his and his colleague’s paradigm-shifting thought and work invaded the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Second, participants will read several key, early papers closely to see how they reflect the challenges psychoanalysis confronted from without, and within.  Third, we will apply the technique of micro-processing to current clinical material with an emphasis on some tried and true technical concepts, primarily free association within the transference, as well as patient/analyst interactions and enactments.

The hope is that looking in this varied and detailed manner will help participants become more comfortable with, sophisticated about, and appreciative of, what is still called classical psychoanalysis.

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