CFS Mission & Values


We are first and foremost a community of practice whose members share a deep commitment to furthering knowledge and professional growth in an atmosphere of support and mutual respect. These values are made real through a vital spirit of inquiry and stimulating interactive dialogue. For many, membership in the CFS provides a lifelong professional home.

Together, we see our mission as protecting the rights of the individual, expanding the definition of psychoanalysis and fostering its impact in the world. To that end, we envision our Institute and Society taking a leadership position in the psychoanalytic community and representing the best of psychoanalytic values today, both through our training and as a resonant voice in the larger community.


The Contemporary Freudian Society aspires to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. As psychoanalysts, we pledge to sustain these values, both in our practices and in all activities related to the functioning of the Society and Institute.

Our guiding principles of confidentiality, protection of individual dignity, respectful open dialogue, and provision of the highest level of care, govern every relationship within our organization.These values inform the therapist / patient pair, the candidate / supervisor pair, peer relationships among members, and all group interactions.

CFS members and candidates are annually required to attest to the principles and guidelines contained in the Contemporary Freudian Society’s Ethical Guidelines. The CFS has also established guidelines and procedures for investigating complaints of unethical conduct. The Ethics Committees in both NY and DC provide consultation, assistance, and education related to ethical concerns.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Steven Demby, PhD, Chair, NY Ethics Committee ( or Catherine Anderson, PhD, Chair, DC Ethics Committee (

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