Why “Contemporary?”

Artist: Muller van Severen

We are unabashedly rooted in Freud’s opus, but deeply appreciative of the multitude of psychoanalytic thinkers who followed him in establishing what is now our field of theory and practice. This view encompasses the extensive work that has subsequently taken place in the fields relating to human development: brain research, attachment research, and the evolution in separation/individuation theory. We incorporate aspects of modern Kleinian theory, object relations theory, self psychology, and the expansion of psychoanalytic thinking about culture.

As clinicians, we remain open to new ideas in theory, but also ideas that emerge from the clinical endeavor itself. We strive to be open, attuned, and always curious; we are informed by interactive, interpersonal, intersubjective, and intrapsychic phenomena. We are “contemporary” – in the here and now with our patients – but very much aware of our foundation in that person’s unique depth psychology and history.

Above all, our technique is guided by respect for the personhood of the individual. Person before “patient”, we never fail to keep in mind that a relationship founded on respect and concern for the welfare of the other must form the bedrock of any therapeutic endeavor. Contemporary technique responds to the needs of the individual, moving rapidly in response to a fast paced story, travelling more slowly when trust does not come easily and must be built through slow and steady attunement. Neither pure scientists, nor solely artists, we are both, fusing together a respect for sound scientific research and principles, yet practicing our craft creatively, continuously refining, reshaping and reviewing our work to remain responsive to the needs of all human beings in a rapidly changing world.

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