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Online Resource
The Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing website is an incredible resource for almost every psychoanalytic journal article and most major book chapters ever written. Abstracts of articles written in most psychoanalytic journal are available to anyone and those paying an annual fee have access to the complete articles.

Online Resource

The Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum

Online Resource
CFS member Nancy Goodman created the Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum – an interactive website featuring articles, video clips, artwork and other forms of expression all speaking to the psychoanalytic perspective. Museum ‘curators’ are Paula Ellman, Marylin Meyers, Batya Monder and Nancy Goodman. Current ‘exhibits’ include a wonderful article by CFS member (and current president) Marsha Levy-Warren entitled “Injury in the Adolescent Athlete: a Developmental Disruption” and several perspectives on the intriguing and moving Craig Gillespie film, Lars and the Real Girl.

Psychoanalysts On Psychoanalysis

Controversial Discussions for the XXIst Century

Directed by Svetlana Palmer. Made with a grant from PEP Video. Interviews with Jan Abram, Dana Birkstead-Breen, Catalina Bronstein, Peter Fonagy, Bob Hinshelwood, Isabel Hernandez-Halton, Rosine Perelberg, Ken Robinson, Anne-Marie Sandler, Allan Schore, Mark Solms, Riccardo Steiner and David Tuckett. An impressive array of analysts are interviewed about the intense debate that took place in London during WWII between analysts representing Melanie Klein’s and Anna Freud’s ideas. They also discuss current psychoanalytic notions from different theoretical perspectives and through the lens of current research on development and neuroscience, with particular emphasis on the nature of unconscious fantasy.

Dr. Betty Josephs speaking with students at the Institute of Psychoanalysis

VideoInstitute of PsychoanalysisNovember 5, 2013

Interview with Dr. David Pollens

VideoFebruary 8, 2016
Interview with Dr. David Pollens about the Oliver Burkeman’s essay in the Guardian, “Therapy Wars: the Revenge of Freud” in which Dr. Pollens was quoted. Interview conducted by Kim Kleinman

Interview with Dr. Howard Levine on the topic of working with challenging patients

VideoSocietà Psicoanalitica ItalianaNovember 28, 2013

Interview with Dr. Mary Target on Affect Regulation

VideoSocietà Psicoanalitica ItalianaNovember 29, 2013

Interview with Dr. Peter Fonagy on Mentalization

VideoAnna Freud CentreMarch 11, 2015

Interview with Dr. Theodore Jacobs on Creativity

VideoSocietà Psicoanalitica ItalianaDecember 17, 2013

Mark Solms on The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma

VideoApril 18, 2016
Solms presenting at the Sigmund Freud Institut in Frankfurt. He speaks about what he learned on his farm in South Africa about the transgenerative transmission of trauma in South African families. He says, “You’ll see as I tell you this story, because that’s all I’m going to do is tell you a story, you’ll see that it’s a story in which being a psychoanalyst was my only salvation.”

What is Psychoanalysis?

A Last-Minute Breakthrough

ArticleDimen MurielThe New York TimesNovember 3, 2015
A thoughtful and insightful piece in the NYT’s Couch series from the recently deceased psychoanalyst Muriel Dimen. In this short piece, Dr. Dimen captures an experience most every therapist has encountered, and beautifully illustrates an analytic way of thinking about and responding to such a situation. “Would Julia come back? I very much hoped so. For we had just done precisely what psychoanalysis is designed to do. She had transferred to me the image of her loved but neglectful parents. And I had become those parents, not noticing that there was an urgent need that I was not noticing. As in a drama (or a charade), we enacted the problem together, and finally were able to translate into speech what had been shown to us in our “performance.” We had become conscious of what had been unconscious.”

What is Psychoanalysis?

VideoInstitute of Psychoanalysis, London.
This highly creative and artistic video captures in images and music some of what it is like to be in psychoanalysis.
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