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Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program – DC & NY

The Adult Psychoanalysis Program welcomes licensed or soon-to-be licensed applicants, 25 years and older, with a Master’s or higher degree in Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, or Psychiatric Nursing, as well as those with Master’s Degrees in other clinical disciplines, such as Creative Arts Therapy and Counseling. In addition, professionals with graduate degrees in fields that enrich psychoanalysis, such as education, philosophy, sociology, and the humanities are encouraged to apply though licensure in mental health is required for training. Applicants with previous psychoanalytic training at other IPA Institutes may also make an inquiry to the Admissions Committee with regard to the possibility of obtaining advanced status. The Committee will consider each such case in the light of the applicant’s prior experience, and the comparability of the previous training, and the Institute’s standards.

Graduates are eligible for membership in the Contemporary Freudian Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association. Upon graduation, our members become part of a group of psychoanalysts working and learning not only locally but around the world.

Applicants must complete application form, obtain references, transcripts, proof of malpractice insurance, and submit the application fee.

Upon receipt of application materials, two to three interviews will be scheduled with members of the Admissions Committee. Decisions regarding suitability of the applicant will be made in a timely manner.

Academic Associate Program – DC

The Academic Associate Program in psychoanalytic studies offers interested professionals the opportunity to study psychoanalysis alongside candidates in the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program, but without the clinical work with patients. As such, this option might be of particular interest to professionals in non-mental health disciplines, or mental health professionals who would like to study psychoanalysis without the extra demands involved in working with control cases. For more information about the Academic Associates Program, go here.

For any questions or concerns regarding the admissions process, please contact:
DC Admissions Chair, Joseph Collins, DO( or 301-984-8413)
NY Admissions Chair, Katherine Snelson ( or 917-597-3084)


Adult Psychoanalytic Training Application – NY

Adult Psychoanalytic Training Application – DC

Academic Associates Program Application – DC

Distance Training Application- DC

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