Institute Administration – NY Program

Institute Director
Christian J. Churchill, PhD

Admissions Committee Chair
Katherine Snelson, LCSW

Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs
Kimberly Kleinman, LCSW and Phillida Rosnick, PhD

Faculty Committee Chair
Kimberly Kleinman, LCSW

Progression Committee Chair
Ellen Hirsch, LCSW

Evaluation Subcommittee Co-Chairs
Ferne Traeger, LCSW, and Judith Moore, LCSW

Training & Supervising Analyst Committee Chair
Phillida Rosnick, PhD

Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Training Program (with IPTAR) Chairs
Anni Bergman, PhD, Rita M. Reiswig, MS, LP, and Sally Moskowitz, PhD

Treatment Services Chair
Loretta Hayes, LCSW

Tuition Assistance Committee Co-Chairs
Michael Navas, LCSW, and Barbara Sabbeth, PhD

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program Chair
Susan Siegeltuch, LCSW

Recruitment Committee Co-Chairs
Jules Owen, JD
Josh Wolf-Powers, LCSW

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