From the NY Institute Director

Betsy W. Spanbock, LCSW, FIPA

As NY Institute Director, I am pleased to introduce you to the rich options for training with us in New York City. We offer training programs in:

  • Integrated Training in Psychoanalysis with concentration in Adult and/or Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis;
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy;
  • Parent-Infant Observation;
  • Licensure in Psychoanalysis (LP) for those wishing clinical training coming from academic disciplines at the masters or doctoral level.

Each of these options offer small classes where you will:

  • develop important bonds with fellow analytic candidates;
  • find lasting professional connections with each other and your instructors;
  • achieve a substantive understanding of psychoanalytic technique which will deepen and enrich your clinical growth.

Your relationships with a wide range of supervisors, in addition to your training analysis, will provide you with ways to work with patients that other forms of training cannot approach.

At the CFS, we consider ourselves a “boutique” institute by which we mean: we provide excellent training in a human-sized program where no one feels lost in a crowd and everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in institute and society programs as colleagues. Your progression through our program from candidate to member is a progression of ever-increasing involvement in a community of analysts whose home is local, but whose reach is substantively and actively international.

When you complete your CFS psychoanalytic training, you will have a more meaningful ability to work with your patients and to help them genuinely transform their lives. You will also obtain the professional distinction of becoming a Fellow of the International Psychoanalytic Association (FIPA). This credential sets you apart from other people who call themselves psychoanalysts, for they often, in fact, lack the rigorous training required under IPA standards.

We also offer continuing education programs to the community for early and mid-career professionals who are interested in deepening their clinical skills. Many of these programs are offered via Zoom.

I invite you to contact us to explore beginning the life-and profession-changing journey of psychoanalytic training.

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