Treatment Services

Our Referral Service provides access to affordable, high quality, analytically-oriented treatment in the greater New York City area. We have a network of clinical social workers, psychologists and other mental health professionals who are in training, or have completed their training, at our Psychoanalytic Institute. All therapists and psychoanalysts have passed a rigorous selection process.

A consultant responds to all calls made to the Referral Service within 24 hours. An initial consultation will be done in person or by phone at no charge in order to understand each person’s particular concerns and how they may be most effectively addressed. The name and contact information of a psychotherapist is given to the caller within a week.

The Referral Service has the secondary goal of assisting our analytic candidates and psychotherapy students in developing their analytic practices by referring patients seeking analysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. We also provide office space in a clinical setting approved by the New York State Education Department to candidates seeking to obtain the LP or LCSW credential.

Those candidates, students and members who wish to receive referrals from our Referral Service demonstrate their commitment to community service by their willingness to accept some low-fee referrals.

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