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Board of Trustees PresidentMichael L. Krass, PhD Vice President – DC Laura Hickok, PhD Vice President – NY Christian J. Churchill, PhD Recording Secretary Mary Claudia Wall, LCSW Treasurer Michael Navas, LCSW, MBA Member-at-LargeCarmen Cepeda, LCSW Member-at-Large Michele Cohen, LCSW Member-at-Large Carolyn Curcio, LCSW Member-at-Large Christopher S. Kido, LCSW Member-at-Large Janet N. Schiff, LCSW Member-at-Large Susan Siegeltuch, LCSW Member-at-LargeBetsy Spanbock, …

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Thank you for contacting us. Please use the form below to tell us how we can be of help. We look forward to responding to your inquiry as quickly as possible. For application and other information, you can also contact Ms. Connie Stroboulis at

Welcome to the Psychoanalytic Training Institute

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