Institute Administration – DC Program

Institute Director

Marie Murphy, MSW, BCPsa

Adult Psychoanalysis Admissions Committee Chair

Ellen C. Klosson, PhD

Adult Psychoanalysis Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs
Paula L. Ellman, PhD Nancy Goodman, PhD

Adult Psychoanalysis Faculty Committee Chair
Kathryn Rickard, PhD and Joanna Spiro, PsyD, PhD

Adult Psychoanalysis Progression Committee Chair
Raymond S. Hoffman, MD

Evaluation Subcommittee Chair
Catherine Anderson, PhD

Training & Supervising Analyst Committee Chair
Harmon Biddle, MSW

Treatment Services Chair
Lisa Schlesinger, MSW

Psychoanalytic Fellowship Program Committee Chair
Carolyn Curcio, MSW

Tuition Assistance Committee Chair
Michael Navas, LCSW & Barbara Sabbeth, PhD

Recruitment Committee Chair
Nancy Goodman, PhD

Advisory Chair

Debra Neumann, PhD

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