Advisors and Mentors


Each student will be assigned an advisor who will meet with the candidate at least once a year to discuss the overall training experience and any issues of concern, such as building a private practice. The Advisor’s position is intended to be a “non-reporting” one, although occasionally the Advisor may be asked to serve, at the candidate’s request, as ombudsman to facilitate communication in the Institute. Because some candidates are geographically at a distance, it may be necessary for the Advisor to maintain the relationship by telephone, Skype, or email.


A mentor is available if you are considering training at the Psychoanalytic Training Institute in DC to discuss the training experience as well as to answer questions and provide information about programs that may be of interest or relevance to you. Your mentor can also help you with the application process, should you wish to explore training as an adult or child/adolescent psychoanalyst or as an academic associate.  If you wish to speak with a mentor, you may contact ****

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