Referral Service & Candidate Organization

Referral Service

The Referral Service provides to the community a point of access to analytically oriented treatment. The Referral Service serves primarily the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

An on-call clinician conducts consultations with callers either on the phone or in person in order to determine their financial and geographical requirements as well as their goals for treatment. The on-call clinician chooses analysts or analytic candidates based upon the assessment of the caller’s stated and implicit needs. Once the on-call clinician determines the availability of appropriate analysts or analytic candidates, he/she provides contact information to the caller.

The Referral Service has the secondary goal of assisting analyst candidates of the DC Program in developing their analytic practices by providing access to patients seeking analysis and analytic therapy. As such, when it is appropriate, the Referral Service prioritizes candidates when providing referrals to callers to the service.

Those candidates and members who wish to receive referrals from the Referral Service must, in turn, accept at least one low-fee referral from the service. The Referral Service publicizes itself, in part, as offering low-fee options for high-quality analytic treatment. Thus, this requirement is necessary to ensure that those calling the Referral Service seeking well-training clinicians who offer reduced fee treatment will have access to them.

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Candidate Organization

The Candidate Organization (CO) functions independently from the Psychoanalytic Training Institute. It provides a forum for candidates in the Psychoanalysis Programs to discuss interests and concerns related to their training, develops a sense of community and provides an opportunity for informal guidance from advanced candidates for those just beginning. Candidates elect candidate representatives to interface with Institute committees and matters of candidate concerns. The Candidate Organization also plans meetings around topics of special interest to the candidates.

All candidates are members of the Candidate Organization. Candidates pay a yearly $15.00 fee to the Candidate Organization.

Each Candidate receives access to our on-line PEP WEB, an on-line psychoanalytic library. The annual fee for candidates is $30.00. The PEP WEB is an invaluable tool for each candidate’s clinical and intellectual development.

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