From the DC Institute Director

Marie A. Murphy, MSW

I am privileged to serve as the DC Institute Director.  Our programs are a wonderful combination of scholarship, liveliness, commitment, and geographic diversity that certainly offers a unique and rich opportunity to study and grapple with psychoanalytic concepts and ideas.    We are committed to fostering the careful development of a strong analytic identity among our students and enhancing the capacity for listening with a sensitive “analytic ear”.  We welcome students from a variety of disciplines and find that ongoing collaborative study enhances a deep spirit of inquiry and curiosity about understanding the mind, its suffering, and human experience.

The Washington, DC Division offers a range of stimulating programs to help mental health professionals at all areas of expertise and experience expand and deepen their clinical abilities.

For those seeking to train to become psychoanalysts, our Institute offers the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program.

We also offer an Academic Associates Program, which is a two year program for interested professionals who wish to study psychoanalytic theory, technique, and analytic listening, but without the clinical work with patients.  This option is of particular interest to professionals in non-mental health disciplines, or to mental health professionals who would prefer this study without the additional demands of candidate control work.

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