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Contemporary Freudian Society

"The Analyst's Unconscious" A Clinical Workshop led by Albert I. Pieczanski, MD

One Session Program (6 Contact Hours)

Presenter: Kathryn Rickard, PhD
Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019
Location: TBD
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm (2 Hr Lunch Break)

This workshop is an extension and application of the International Psychoanalytical Association’s working party on “Unconscious Theories in the Mind of the Analyst at Work,” which has been exploring ways in which the dynamic unconscious present in the analyst’s mind can be seen in the interaction between patient and analyst.

The workshop leader, Dr. Alberto “Tito” Pieczanski, will explain the mechanics of the work group and provide a brief conceptual and historical introduction, after which Dr. Rickard will introduce her work with the her analysand, and then read detailed process notes.  After listening to the session, attendees will try to infer unconscious dynamics in the analyst’s mind as they are evidenced in the clinical material.  The group will attempt to discover unconscious theories in the analytic process, and if detected, they will try to understand how the analyst’s unconscious theories compare with her consciously held theories and how these unconscious theories inform the content and style of the analyst’s interventions.


  1. The instructional level of this program is advanced and specific to psychoanalytic thinking. Attendance is limited to 20 analysts or to students who have completed or are currently in their fourth year of training.  
  2. Attendees must complete the entire workshop. Partial attendance negatively affects group dynamics.
  3. The group’s role is not to supervise the presenter. Nor will we evaluate treatment results.  Our job will be to establish the thoughts and theories that informed Dr. Rickard’s interventions and infer the unconscious dynamics that might have been involved.
  4. Dr. Rickard will not participate in the group discussion, but at the end will share her viewpoint about the workshop including its value in understanding her work and her patient.

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