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Institute of CFS

The Frame - Part II

One Session Progam (1.5 Contact Hours)

Presenters: Josh Wolf-Powers, MBA, LCSW, and Jules Owen, SJD, LP
Date: Friday, February 15, 2019
Location: CFS Brooklyn, 26 Court Street #1412, Brooklyn, NY
Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm

* As each session stands on its own, the first is not a prerequisite for the second.

We’re familiar with the usual ways patients use the frame to communicate with us - lateness, cancellations, payment issues, etc. But what about the more subtle, idiosyncratic ways? Where and how a patient sits? How s/he enters and leaves? Eating/drinking in sessions, behaviors in our waiting room, use of the bathroom, etc. As clinicians, we open ourselves up to observing - warmly, non-judgmentally, compassionately - all the ways our patients communicate with us.

How can thinking about these seemingly peripheral aspects of the frame more explicitly, and more deeply, enrich our clinical work? In this hour-and-a-half workshop, we will discuss these unconscious communications. We will explore ways that adherence to, and departure from the frame, by patients and clinicians, can be put to valuable clinical use.

Join Josh Wolf-Powers, MBA, LCSW, and Jules Owen, SJD, LP, advanced candidates at the Contemporary Freudian Society’s Psychoanalytic Training Institute, as we explore these topics

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