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Event Registration

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Institute of CFS

Clinical Case Discussion

One Session Progam (1.5 Contact Hours)

Presenter: Ann Rudovsky, LCSW
Date: Friday, March 1, 2019
Location: CFS Brooklyn, 26 Court Street #1412, Brooklyn, NY
Time: 4:15-5:45pm

* This is the first of three seminars with the same format and presenter.  Additional dates will be April 5th and May 3rd. Separate Registration required for each date. 

This clinical seminar will provide a forum for discussing challenges that emerge in therapeutic work with patients.  Led by Ann Rudovsky, the seminar will demonstrate a psychoanalytic approach to clinical process, ways of listening to and thinking about patients that can lead to a deepening of the treatment.  Attendees are invited to bring in case vignettes of complicated issues with which they are struggling.  These may include impasses, feelings of "stuckness", instances of subtle devaluation of the therapist or the treatment, varied manifestations of resistance to the transference or to change altogether. Attention will be paid to the use of primitive defenses—splitting, projective identification, denial and omnipotence—as well as to associated feelings of shame, envy and aggression. And of course, impasses always find corollaries in the countertransference, the therapist’s own feelings—induced and otherwise—that are important to understand as they can provide a deeper understanding of the patient and the evolving treatment.

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