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An Appeal for Cognitive Dissonance

In the consulting room and in listening to our colleagues' work, maybe we too, can think more like the poet. Real change can only happen between our patients and ourselves if we are willing to be surprised, to value different viewpoints, accept the limits of our open-mindedness, question our theoretical certainties, pose questions from a different vantage point and at times disregard convention.

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Finding the Story As Therapist and Writer

While of course theory informs my thinking, once in the consulting room I need to put aside these theories and instead, invite my patients' curiosity and their own exploration of their inner landscape, searching for ways to connect more deeply with their experience--not prematurely imposing my view of the terrain.

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What Memories Are Made Of

One of my fondest memories is watching my daughter dancing to 60s rock music at a cousin's wedding. She is at the center of the crowded dance floor, swaying and bopping to the music. Her pin-tucked pink dress matches the bow in her hair. As clear as day, I see her gliding across the floor, twirling, and spinning, smiling from ear to ear.

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Lying to Your Kids

Reading William Saletan's New York Times review of Juliet Macur's new book, Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, I was once again reminded of the dangers of lying to, or for, one's child. Saletan writes how Macur portrays Armstrong as a pathological liar, growing up in a "a...

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